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Pamela Anderson Says All Her ‘Lovers Were Too Jealous’ to Enjoy Group Sex in a ‘Positive Way’

Pamela Anderson has no trouble getting candid about her sex life.

The actress answered pressing questions from fans about sex for Dazed Magazine and revealed a few tidbits about her own life. And when it comes to sex with multiple people, the former Baywatch star, 51, admitted that she has never had a good experience with it.

“I have never had a threesome or group sex in a positive way,” she replied to a fan who asks her opinion on the subject. “But to each their own. All my lovers were too jealous. Except for maybe one that fantasized about me being with a woman and watching us.”

She added, “It sounds tempting sometimes. But I’m too romantic. I don’t enjoy sex without love and commitment. It’s not mechanical or to show off. It’s about intimacy and sharing secrets.”

Anderson, who is currently dating French soccer player and World Cup winner Adil Rami, also offered her thoughts on how technology and computer addictions are affecting “good sex.”

“Being a lover is vulnerable, especially to a sensitive person,” she said. “An empath dives deep and can get depressed, and some are just afraid of love. We share our souls forever with someone we share our bodies with, and that can be scary. A computer has no attachment.”

She added, “It’s a dangerous time for good sex. We must do all we can to keep human connections – we are stronger in pairs.”

source: People

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