Pamela Anderson: My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it’s like therapy.

Pamela: I think my breasts expand on TV. I swear I don’t feel that big. When I look at them on TV, I think, ‘Who is that?’ It’s all lighting.”

Pamela: (on visiting an orphanage while in Russia in 2007) I especially loved visiting an orphanage outside of Moscow. It was really eye opening – sad but inspiring to see these kids happy despite having nothing – really nothing, including parents. I’m going back to visit – I’m in love with them and their spirits.

Pamela: (revealing in 2007 she‘s ready to have another baby) Would I be ready to adopt a child? I’m not saying it’s impossible. I have my two boys and it would just be so amazing to make one more kid happy in this life.

Pamela: (on her marriage to Kid Rock) It was a big mistake, but I was in St Tropez, I would have married the fisherman on the corner. I think I just got swept up and I wanted to have a family for my kids but you remember really quickly when you get back together why you’re not together… When we were together, it just wasn’t a good thing.

Pamela: (after seeing photos of herself in a bikini in 2007) I have to laugh – well at least the world knows I don’t get botox! I’m much hotter in my mind, I swear I look better. Then again I hardly check a mirror before I go outside, I may start doing that more. I may have to start working out too, although genes and gymnastics have gotten me this far.

Pamela: (admitting she often finishes a night out by stripping and posing for photos) I start at the Chateau Marmont and I usually end up naked in David LaChapelle’s studio taking crazy pictures… four or five in the morning, lying across a car in David’s studio.

Pamela: (describing her marriage to Kid Rock as a holiday romance gone wrong) Now that things have calmed down – I think – I just want to say it’s great to get back to normal life. We are doing great. Thanks for all the support. Don’t get married on vacation!

Pamela (on her breasts): They have a career of their own and I’m just tagging along.

Pamela: I laugh when I end up on the worst-dressed lists. I’m not trying to be fashionable. I know I’m kind of a cartoon character. Do people honestly think I’m wearing a kafkan in order to be fashionable?

Pamela: Men hunt because they have something wrong with their own equipment and they need something else to shoot.

Pamela (talking about her ghostwriter/cowriter on her novel): Well, there are things I don’t really know about, like sentence structure, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Pamela: I like my causes the way I like my men — big and in your face, but with big hearts.

Pamela: I’ve been fortunate – I haven’t had too many auditions. I slept with the right people.

Pamela: I’ve always had very good penis karma. I used to say I’d never seen a small one, but recently, maybe I have.

Pamela Anderson: I think the thighs are the hardest area for any woman to maintain. I’m lucky that my mother has no cellulite on her body, so hopefully I’ll follow in her footsteps.

Pamela Anderson: I don’t really think about anything too much. I live in the present. I move on. I don’t think about what happened yesterday. If I think too much, it kind of freaks me out.

Pamela Anderson: I was not a big drug person. I couldn’t smoke pot because it made me so paranoid that I couldn’t tell if I had to pee or I was really cold, so I just didn’t enjoy it.

Pamela Anderson: Tattoos are like stories; they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful.

Pamela Anderson: You don’t want to have to be the man and the woman in the relationship. I always say you want a man who can fix the toilet.

Pamela Anderson: There’s no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol; the way I dress is the way I am, the way I live my life.

Pamela Anderson: In junior high, a boy poured water down my shirt and yelled: “Now maybe they’ll grow”.

Pamela Anderson: I have this phobia; I don’t like mirrors and I don’t watch myself on television. If anything comes on, I make them shut it off or I leave the room.

Pamela Anderson: I’m a mother with two small children, so I don’t take as much crap as I used to.

Pamela Anderson: It’s great being blonde; with such low expectations it’s easy to impress.

Pamela Anderson: Making love in the morning got me through morning sickness. I found I could be happy and throw up at the same time.

Pamela Anderson: Size does matter. There’s a lot of ways to make people feel good, but personally I think it does enhance things.

Pamela Anderson: As you may know, KFC is under worldwide pressure to eliminate its cruelest abuses of chickens, such as cutting the beaks off baby birds, breeding chickens to grow so large, so quickly that many suffer crippling injuries and slitting the bird’s throats or dropping them into tanks of scalding-hot water while they are still alive and able to feel pain.

Pamela Anderson: Upon learning that Siegfried and Roy’s two-hundred-plus employees have been advised to find other jobs. PETA and I are urging the show to use some of the millions of dollars it has made from exotic animals to build a state-of-the-art sanctuary and immediately retire all the animals in the Mirage compound.

Pamela Anderson: If people knew how KFC treats its chickens, they’d never eat another drumstick.

Pamela Anderson: What I know in life runs the gamut of the feminist experience. The true meaning of feminism is this: to use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society.

Pamela Anderson: There are already a lot of serious actors, I respect these people, but I just want to be the one who had fun.

Pamela Anderson: I feel much heavier when I’m in love.

Pamela Anderson: And I’m not an actress. I don’t think I am an actress. I think I’ve created a brand and a business.

Pamela Anderson: There’s never going to be a great misunderstanding of me. I think I’m a little whacked.

Pamela Anderson: Jungian therapy connects me to my grandfather. I feel his presence strongly. He is always with me.

Pamela Anderson: It’s going to take a certain man for me to ever get involved with because he’ll have to realize I don’t have two children, I have three. Tommy is always going to always be a part of my life.

Pamela Anderson: I am what I am and I’m a horrible liar. I can’t do it. I’m just very candid.

Pamela Anderson: I am not getting married.

Pamela Anderson: The thing I love most about my body and the thing I hate most are my breasts and my breasts.

Pamela: (Pamela plans to wed Kid Rock at least four times) I’m getting married a few times this month to the same guy. If Bob (Kid Rock) knew he was getting married five years ago in St Tropez, he wouldn’t have believed it. We had to do Malibu, we’ve got to do Detroit and we’ve got to do Nashville. I am fine. I am not nervous. It is a good decision.

Pamela: I love being outdoors and think a tan is very sexy. I’ll lie out on white towels strewn with pillows. I don’t like to hide under hats. If anyone knows about spending lots of the time on the beach, with kids and dogs in tow, it’s me.