Pam at the airport in Warsaw, Poland

She’s known for her killer body.

But Pamela Anderson, 50, covered up her famous curves as she landed in Warsaw, Poland on Friday evening.

The swimsuit model looked to be in good spirits wrapped up in a heavy winter coat despite the crisp 40 degree Polish weather.

The animal activist carried a massive bouquet of hot pink flowers with long green leaves and stems.

Her light pink faux-fur coat covered her tanned and toned shoulders as she walked through the terminal with a handful of minders.

She sported a flirty red dress emblazoned with small white flowers that swept down past her knees.

Staying warm in the cool autumn air, the Baywatch actress donned a pair of black tights underneath her floral frock.

She accentuated her slim pins with a pair of pointy black heels while carrying one small black purse across her arm and a black-and-white patterned satchel in the other hand.

Anderson seemed to be makeup-free with bright rosy cheeks peeking through her darling smile.

Her classic platinum blonde hair was worn in loose waves and cascaded down past her shoulders.

The Playboy centerfold rose to fame as busty lifeguard C.J. Parker alongside David Hasselhoff in the hit television show Baywatch.

She enjoyed success as an actress between modeling gigs, and now champions animal rights through her nonprofit organization, The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

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source: Daily Mail

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Pamela had a novel way of avoiding Hollywood harassers

Pamela Anderson has said she stormed off shouting “I believe in love” when she was confronted by sexual harassment in Hollywood.

The former Baywatch star said she believes her naivety helped her escape compromising situations.

She told The Times Magazine: “I would be like ‘you want me to do what?’ Then I’d say ‘oh my God, you’re the worst thing that people say about this industry and I’m going back to Canada’.

“I would storm off and shout ‘I believe in love!’ And slam the door.”

Anderson claimed that disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein told her she would never work again after she refused to work with a dog on one of his films.

She recounted: “He wanted me to play Invisible Girl on Superhero Movie. But they wanted me to work with an actual dog. I said ‘I won’t work with animals in a film’.

“And he said ‘we’re just going to put the dog there. What’s the problem?’ And I said ‘No. Put an X on the floor. I am talking to an invisible dog. Why do we need any actual dog?’

“And he was so mean. He called me back and shouted ‘you’re Pamela Anderson, you’re lucky I’m even putting you in this f****** film. You’re never going to work in this f****** industry again, you son of a f****** bitch.’

“He’s so intense. I’ve never been talked to that way by anybody. Not even by a boyfriend. He was really intimidating. And I did it. But I did it without the dog.”

source: Press Association

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Pam Anderson slams Naomi Campbell over long fur coat

Vegan Pam Anderson has a beef with Naomi Campbell.

The supermodel wore a long coat made from the pelts of at least a dozen red foxes as she strolled into the Pirelli Calendar party at the Manhattan Center last week on the arm of Sean Combs, who wore a white mink stole.

“So many animals were anally electrocuted for this coat and sometimes skinned alive. Naomi, I adore you. I wish you wouldn’t wear fur,” Anderson said in a message to Naomi that was then relayed to me.

“People follow you. You are a fashion icon. This is heartbreaking,” Anderson said. “Please have a heart and lose the real fur.”

Campbell was slammed by animal lovers when she posted a photo of herself in the fur coat on Instagram. But some defended her, including one fan who wrote: “Why stop wearing fur, when it looks so damn good!?”

Source: Page Six

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