Pam says vegans make better lovers

According to Pamela Anderson, vegans are better in bed.

The “Baywatch” icon appeared on “Good Morning Britain” Monday where she insisted a plant-based diet can make anyone a better lover. It all started after the actress tweeted the statement over the weekend.

“Cholesterol hardens your arteries, but not much else,” the 53-year-old laughed. “That’s what I hear. I’m vegan, I’m fairly confident in that statement. Absolutely I think. But I think I’ve always had a lot of fun in that department.”

Anderson added she’s been plant-based for about 30 years.

Host Piers Morgan then exclaimed, “I’m a meat-eater and I can assure you fun things happen to us, too!”

“The jury’s out Pamela,” said the 55-year-old. “I did offer on Twitter to test this theory Pamela, but I notice you didn’t respond to my intrigue.”

“Typical Piers!” Anderson responded.

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Hulu Is Making a TV Show About Pam & Tommy

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Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson had one of the most iconic celebrity relationships of the ’90s, in part due to the infamous leaking of their sex tape, a scandal that changed the world of celebrity privacy forever. So perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that Hulu is working on a new original limited series about the gossip-laden life of the Mötley Crüe drummer and the former Playboy star.

The show, which is currently going by the working title of Pam & Tommy, will follow the couple’s relationship from their 1995 marriage (just four days after meeting one another!) on through to the birth of their two sons, the filming of their honeymoon sex tape, and the legal battles that ensued when it was uploaded on theIinternet as viral pornography. According to Deadline, the limited series will consist of eight episodes and shooting will begin in the spring.

Hulu has already cast Sebastian Stan as Lee, Lily James as Anderson, and Seth Rogen as the man who stole the tape. I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie is helming the series and Rob Siegel is penning the script. The producers who’ve signed on include Rogen and his Point Grey partner Evan Goldberg, Limelight’s Dylan Sellers, and Annapurna’s Sue Naegle and Megan Ellison.

Anderson and Lee are not involved in Pam & Tommy at this time. However, the two have been aware of the project for several months and know that it’s underway, reports Deadline.

Needless to say, Lee and Anderson’s relationship dominated the tabloids in real time when it was happening. It’s likely that Hulu’s new series will make headlines of its own when it’s released, too, especially if Gillespie can work his dark comedy magic the same way he did with his Oscar-nominated spin on Tonya Harding’s life story.


Pamela Partners with Vegan Butcher Shop to Promote Animal Rights

For the month of October, the Pamela Anderson Foundation and Canada’s vegan butcher shop The Very Good Butchers (VGB) will work together to promote animal-rights and plant-based foods. Throughout the month, VGB will share a portion of its sales with the foundation—which was created by vegan actress Pamela Anderson to support her fight for animal rights. “It is a thrill to have my foundation associated with a butcher: a 21st-century butcher who uses technology to create plant foods that help animals, human health, and our planet,” Anderson said.

Founded by couple James Davison and Tania Friesen in 2016, VGB grew from selling its vegan meats and cheeses at local farmers markets to a storefront in Victoria, BC in 2017. Within four months, VGB expanded to a larger storefront at the Victoria Public Market where it sells burgers, subs, mac and cheese, and loaded fries made with its products. The company’s vegan meats—such as ribs, bangers, and pepperoni—are also now available at retailers across Canada and as part of a subscription butcher box.

In October, customers who use the code “Pamela” for VGB purchases will receive a 10-percent discount and 25 percent of sales from these purchases will be donated to Anderson’s foundation. VGB will also launch specially marked packages at retailers and donate 10-percent of sales from these packs to the foundation. “We’re really excited to be able to do our part to support The Pamela Anderson Foundation in its efforts to spread awareness for animal rights, and to encourage plant-based diets,” VGB CEO Mitchel Scott said. “With such a massive platform, including over one million followers on Instagram, Pamela is a powerful change-agent, and we’re honored to have the Very Good Butchers brand be featured as part of her campaign.”

In June, VGB began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker “VERY,” and within days its stock skyrocketed by 800 percent. The company is currently expanding to the United States, a move supported by $8.5 million that VGB raised in the closing of oversubscribed funds from its public offering.


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