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Pam Anderson Desperate For A Baby With Boyfriend

Busty blonde Pamela Anderson Opens a New Window. has set a specific goal for her 32-year-old boytoy — make her a mommy at 51, has exclusively learned!

The fading former “Baywatch” beauty has been kicking it with French World Cup soccer star Adil Rami Opens a New Window. since they met at the Monaco
Grand Prix auto race in May 2017.

Now, inspired by the late-in-life pregnancies of 50-something moms Opens a New Window. Janet Jackson and Brigitte Nielsen, Pam wants a baby of her own, according to insiders.

“Pam had her eggs frozen years ago Opens a New Window. , and she’s desperate to give Adil a baby,” spilled a source.

“She’s telling friends that she’s more than willing to put her body through grueling rounds of in vitro fertilization to make her baby dreams come true.”

The former Playboy magazine cover girl has two sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee Opens a New Window. — Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 20.

But sources close to her are concerned Pam’s health may be a bigger obstacle than her age to having a third child!

As Radar has reported, Pam has beaten the deadly hepatitis C virus, but the punishing treatments have ravaged her body and left her vulnerable to other diseases.

“Most of Pam’s friends are worried that her body won’t be able to take on the challenge of another pregnancy!” a source told Radar.

“They’re warning her that her fairy-tale dream may turn into a deadly nightmare!”

source: Radar Online

Pam Anderson’s Secret Wedding Plans Revealed

Aging Baywatch babe Pam Anderson Opens a New Window. is driving toward her goal of marriage to far-younger Adil Rami, a member of the world-champion French soccer team Opens a New Window. , has exclusively learned!

The Barb Wire beauty, 51, was seen rocking what looked like an asteroid-sized engagement ring at the World Cup semi-finals July 10 as she cheered 32-year-old Rami to a win over Belgium.

The Cartier Panther ring is reported to be worth over a whopping $25,000!

And while the rock was on her right hand, insiders revealed that Rami asked her to hold off on saying “I do,” until he finished his quest of winning the World Cup.

“Now that that’s done, they can focus on setting a wedding date!” a source exclusively told Radar.

Anderson met the French-born Moroccan soccer star at last year’s Monaco Grand Prix Opens a New Window. , and it’s been off to the races Opens a New Window. for the red-hot couple ever since!

“They’re talking of having a small, intimate and VERY romantic ceremony somewhere in the south of France!” revealed the insider.

Friends are thrilled Anderson seems to have found someone who won’t bring drama into her life. Ex-husband Tommy Lee has long battled the bottle Opens a New Window. — and in March, he got a bloodied lip after going toe-to-toe in a brawl Opens a New Window. with their 22-year-old son, Brandon!

Rami may be just the thing to distract Anderson from her man troubles.

On top of the Tommy Lee drama, she was reviled as a traitor last year when she made regular visits Opens a New Window. to Wikileaks founder — and alleged rapist — Julian Assange, who has been holed up in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy.

“Adil cares about me,” Anderson recently gushed. “We have a very healthy, simple wonderful life Opens a New Window. . He is amazing. He is a good guy.”

The insider added, “They bring out the best in each other, and she’s telling anyone who will listen that their sex life is fantastic!”

In fact, Pamela confessed she loves playing bedroom games — as a French maid!

“The outfit comes out once a boyfriend. You have to be very brave and enjoy things,” Anderson admitted. “You might as well enjoy your life.”

source: Radar Online

Meet the billionaire who’s trying to woo Pamela Anderson

image host

Pamela Anderson may be getting bored with her soccer star boyfriend Adil Rami, and her friends couldn’t be happier about it because it’s freeing her up for a potential new billionaire beau, Russian-British newspaper magnate Evgeny Lebedev.

“Evgeny Lebedev has been trying to sweep her away for years,” a source close to Anderson, 51, told Page Six Friday. “They share a love of arts and have many intellectual interests in common. Pamela’s friends think he’s better suited to her — but she’s still living out her experience respectfully with Adil. She believes in Adil. It’s very sweet.”

Anderson has been dating Rami and residing in France since last summer.

The source said Rami, 32, is “on the party circuit” with his teammates to celebrate their World Cup victory, but Anderson isn’t interested in nightlife.

“Pamela wants nothing to do with clubs. She’s turned off by juvenile behavior. She respects his need to celebrate the win, but this behavior cannot last,” the insider said. “Pamela has been with some truly brilliant men in her life, so the consensus among her friends is how can this soccer player really sustain her interest? Pamela bores easily.”

Evgeny, the 38-year-old owner of the London Evening Standard and The Independent, has been sending the “Baywatch” starlet private jets and romantic texts, the source said, as well as buying her art and flowers.

“He frequently sends invitations to Italy and England,” the source added.

Anderson’s high-profile friends, including director Luke Gilford and rumored past paramour WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, are trying to get her to dump Rami before they get too serious.

“Julian Assange is also no fan of Adil,” the source sniffed. “In fact, before he was isolated and cut off from Wi-Fi and outside communication, he introduced Pamela to Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat. Julian’s position is if he can’t have her, he wants her to be with someone smart and interesting.”

As for why Anderson’s inner circle won’t support her relationship with Rami, the source alleges that the footballer is a “manchild” who’s a bit too similar to some of Anderson’s infamous exes.

“Adil is so jealous and Luke worries that Pamela will continue to turn down good film projects because of jealous men in her life,” the source explained. “Adil is highly controlling and does everything in his power to seclude and isolate her from her circle of friends.”

Her pals’ influence may just be working: Last night, Pamela unfollowed Rami on Instagram, though a source close to the actress says they’re still together … for now.

Lebedev did not immediately return a request for comment.

source: Page Six

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