Pamela Anderson Sons Says Sex Tape Ruined Career

Pamela Anderson’s kids say her infamous sex tape torpedoed her career and cost her a lot of money in the long run … which is why they’re hating on the streaming version of her life.

Brandon and Dylan Lee — the two adult boys Pam shares with Tommy Lee — spoke out in her new Netflix show, “Pamela: A Love Story” … calling the stolen and leaked video she’s made with her then-rocker hubby ended being a turning point in her life for the worse.

Brandon said, “She would’ve made millions of dollars if she just would have signed a piece of paper. Instead, she sat back with nothing and watched her career fizzle into thin air. She was in debt most of her life.”

Dylan, meanwhile, said his mom’s trajectory in Hollywood would’ve been much different if she had just sold out and cashed in on the tape.

Rather than get in the gutter, however, Dylan says his mom tried to protect her kids as much as she could … even if it ended up putting her in the red, which her sons say happened.

They also decried just how underpaid PA was at the height of her career, pre-sex tape, and how unfair they think it is that their mother continues to be exploited by Hollywood to this day. They didn’t name names — Lily James and Sebastian Stan, specifically — but it’s clear they’re not fans of the way their show was handled or how it portrayed their parents.

The boys ended their thoughts in a somewhat ominous tone, saying there’d be hell to pay “when we come knocking” over the way their mom was treated at the time.

source: TMZ