Day: January 16, 2023

Pamela Anderson on Finally Telling Her ‘Whole Story’ in Her Own Words

Pamela Anderson is finally telling her story.

In a new documentary and memoir (both out Jan. 31), the actress shares her life story in her own words. Last year, when the Hulu series Pam & Tommy dramatized her love affair and marriage to rocker Tommy Lee and the theft of their personal tapes, Anderson didn’t say a word. But now she’s ready to set the record straight.

As she explains in an interview and an exclusive excerpt of her memoir in the next issue of PEOPLE, it was her two sons Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25, who “encouraged me to tell my story.”

“[There’s] a little bit of anxiety before it comes out, because this has been a year, basically, of therapy, going through my life from my first memory to my last memory,” says the 55-year-old star of writing her memoir, Love, Pamela. “I’m really proud of it. It is something I wrote every word of. I didn’t have a collaborator. I didn’t have any ghostwriter, nothing.”

“It’s just one girl’s story of how I made it through: a small-town girl going to Los Angeles and just going through all the wild and crazy adventures I did and then circling back and going home,” she explains.

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