Pamela Anderson loves her ‘simpler life’

Pamela Anderson has embraced a “simpler life.”

The 54-year-old actress, who became a global sex symbol in the 90s after starring in “Baywatch,” married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst last year and recently married her new television series “Pamela Anderson’s Home.” Focused on “Reno Project”.

One source said, “She left Hollywood and had a broken heart. Pam can’t wait for her show to air. It’s not written like” Baywatch “or her sex appeal. Is the center.

“This series is what Pam is really passionate about, and she does it with her beloved man, her husband, Dan.”

Pamela has lived in the limelight for decades. However, the actress is now set to give a more accurate account of her actual self through her new television show and possible books.

Insider explained to In Touch Weekly: “I think everyone knows her, but she’s trying to shatter their perceptions.

Pamela sold an old Malibu home earlier this year for about $ 12 million.

And the beauty of blondes is excited to escape Hollywood. Instead, she chose a “simpler” way of life with her new husband in Canada.

“Pamela is tired of the same old crowd as the party scene. She’s there and doing that, choosing a simpler life with Dan facing north,” said a source.

The actress is currently considering the idea of ​​releasing a book to dispel rumors surrounding her for many years.

In addition, Pamela does not consider issues or events to be “off limits” if it decides to push the idea forward.

“Pamela wants to tell the story of her life. She wants to tell the truth there. There is nothing off limits,” said one source.

Pamela Anderson loves her “simpler life”