All About Pam’s husband Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson is a married woman, once again!

PEOPLE confirmed this week that the Baywatch actress, 53, recently married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. The nuptials took place on Christmas Eve in an intimate ceremony on the grounds of Anderson’s Canadian home, according to the DailyMail.

“I’m exactly where I need to be—in the arms of a man who truly loves me,” Anderson told the outlet.

Here is everything to know about Anderson’s new husband.

RASTA Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary in Chemainus, Canada, shared several photos of Hayhurst and Anderson on Instagram late last year and thanked them for their work towards the sanctuary, which Hayhurts is a builder for.

“A photo of the incredibly generous couple who are making our barn building dream a reality. ✨ 💖 ✨,” the sanctuary wrote on Nov. 9 alongside a black-and-white snap of the couple walking on the grounds together.

An official for the sanctuary thanked Hayhurst and Anderson in another post later that month. “It still feels very much like a dream to me having @pamelaanderson and her wonderful partner Dan Hayhurst helping us to build our Sanctuary’s much-needed new barn, the post read. “Literally not a day goes by that I’m not immensely grateful for this most incredible gift that will be a massive game changer for all of us here at the Sanctuary! 🙏❤️.”

Days before Christmas, the sanctuary shared a photo of Anderson and Hayhurst with their arms wrapped around one another. In the caption, the sanctuary once again thanked the “incredibly generous and most kind and thoughtful couple.”

“Yesterday Pamela surprised us all with an early Christmas gift by most generously covering the cost of the cement for the footings in the construction of our new barn and we truly couldn’t be more grateful,” the santtuary said. It added of Hayhurst, “Her very hardworking partner Dan is our builder and he’s doing a fantastic job both coordinating the project as well as getting down and dirty to get the work done.”

“We feel unbelievably blessed to have the support of these two incredibly amazing and most compassionate people who are helping to make our longtime dream of building a very, very much-needed new barn for the animals, a reality! ✨,” the sanctuary added.

PEOPLE confirmed Anderson’s relationship with Hayhurst in September 2020, seven months after she split from her ex Jon Peters.

A source told PEOPLE at the time that Hayhurst and Anderson had “been together for a while.”

“She’s very happy,” the source said of Anderson. “And they’ve been together for the entire pandemic. She’s super happy and he’s been helping her fix up her home on Vancouver Island.”

source: People