Pamela reveals the secret behind her incredible physique

Pamela Anderson has revealed the very surprising secret to maintaining her enviable physique.

Speaking to Australia’s Maxim magazine, the 52-year-old said that the simple trick to maintaining her sex appeal is keeping her curves.

‘I try to keep on a bit of weight – I think it’s better on me,’ the Baywatch beauty explained.

Pam also said that she doesn’t try to act sexy in front of the camera, and that the trick to her confidence is just being herself.

‘I don’t approach anything differently,’ she explained to the publication.

‘I just act the way I would without the camera there – I’d be the same around my friends,’ she continued.

‘I just kept the focus on feeling good and I enjoyed the sun. Being outdoors makes me happy and healthy — it’s sexy.’

The Barb Wire actress was in Australia last year to film the new Ultra Tune commercial, which premiered on Channel Nine earlier this month.

In the advert, she recreated the iconic ‘Baywatch run’ in a black wetsuit before saving the life of AFL legend Warwick Capper.

Ultra Tune’s adverts have been controversial in the past, previously starring the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Women are often depicted as damsels in distress – but chairman Sean Buckley told the Gold Coast Bulletin he believes ‘the girls saving the man’ will ‘resonate with the audience’ this time around.

‘We have spun the whole ad concept around so the girls are saving the man,’ he said.

‘I think Capper is brilliant – he has a lot of charisma. Pamela is amazing and looks really good, she’s like a spring chicken.’

source: Daily Mail