Pamela Anderson Says Ex-Boyfriend ‘Crushed’ Her Hands

Pamela Anderson has released a video she says is evidence that her ex-boyfriend physically abused her.

The video shows Anderson getting her right hand carefully bandaged. The 52-year-old said she sought medical attention after her ex, French soccer star Adil Rami, allegedly “crushed” her hands to the point of “cracking,” she wrote in a post on her website last week.

Anderson said she initially hid the injury, telling her doctor it was arthritis to avoid revealing what really happened. She said the pain was so extreme, she couldn’t write or even open a water bottle.

Anderson also posted an image of herself looking distressed in a hospital gown, her hair a mess.

Anderson said she dumped Rami, 33, last month after she discovered he was cheating on her.

“He threatened to break my legs last week,” Anderson wrote in the post, adding that he said he ultimately didn’t because “‘I don’t hit women. You are lucky.'”

Rami staunchly denies the allegations of abuse and that “lying about violence in order to hurt me that’s going too far and it’s unjust,” he said in part in a message on his Instagram.

But Anderson fired back, writing, “Maybe he doesn’t understand what abuse is. It’s not my intention to hurt him. He still is only angry that people know. Not upset that he did anything wrong.”.

source: Inside Edition