Pamela Anderson slams ex Adil Rami’s cheating denial

Pamela Anderson has responded to ex-boyfriend Adil Rami’s recent denial of infidelity with what she says is further proof that the French soccer player cheated on her.

Anderson, 51, wrote a lengthy blog post criticizing Rami’s rebuttal as a “carefully worded response … written either by his sister, lawyer or team at futball club for damage control.”

The “Baywatch” alum publicly dumped Rami last week in an Instagram post calling him a “monster” and a “narcissist,” alleging that she’s worried for her safety.

Anderson also included what she says are letters written between herself and fashion company founder Sidonie Biémont, Rami’s ex and the mother of his children, Zayn and Madi. The letters show Anderson reaching out in an attempt to become friendly with her.

According to Biémont’s response, she was “quite shocked and sad” to discover that Rami had lied about the beginning of his relationship with Anderson. She also alleged the two had kept up a relationship “as lovers” for nearly a year and a half after rumors arose that he and Anderson were dating, because he claimed the actress was just a friend.

Biémont responded to the allegations Wednesday an Instagram post written in French, in which she admitted to being “deaf and blind” in her relationship with Rami.

“We hang on to everything, at the slightest sign, we interpret, we over-react, we leave room for the biggest lies,” she wrote, according to an English translation. “When we are in love we want to believe more than anything, we dream that one day the family will be united, we think we were right to choose this person for half, we idealize … We excuse, we forgive, we minimize. Then one day we see each other again, and we darken. I was very in love with Adil.”

In a separate post, she said Rami “never subjected me to any physical violence and was never the hysteric or even the pathological jealousy currently described.”

In an Instagram post Tuesday written in French and translated to English, Rami, 33, said he “deeply respects” Anderson and denied allegations that he had been living a “double life.”

“A break is never easy,” Rami wrote. “As often in these situations, emotion can take over and let excessive things express itself. Pamela is a whole person, whom I deeply respect, who has convictions, who is sincere in her struggles, and for whom my love has always been sincere. That’s what I want to remember.”

Instead, he argued, he was trying to “preserve a lasting relationship” with his children and their mother, but admitted he could have been more transparent.

The athlete revealed the next day that he had been removed from his role as an ambassador for Solidarité Femmes, a French organization dedicated to helping female victims of violence. Anderson previously argued that he “should not be the face of protecting women from domestic violence, or protecting women at all.”

Rami said he respects the organization’s decision, but is is “saddened” that Anderson used “lies about violence to hurt me. … She knows that my commitment to the cause of violence against women is something that is really important to me.”

source: USA Today