Pamela cheers on footballer boyfriend Adil Rami

Rumours were swirling that the couple had gone their separate ways and the World Cup winner reportedly swore at reporters for quizzing him over Pammy.

But Pamela Anderson, 51, dispelled any speculation that they weren’t an item when she cheered on Adil Rami, 32, at Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France on Sunday.

The former Baywatch star looked every inch the proud girlfriend when she pumped her fists in the air, although his team Marseille lost 2-0 to their opponents Paris Saint-Germain.

The Baywatch bombshell proved her ever lasting devotion to her love as she used all her energy to applaud him on the sidelines.

Although her eyes on her beau the whole time, the actress still managed to keep up her glamorous television image as she fussed over her coiffed blonde locks.

But when it became evident the French footballer’s team were going to lose, Pammy placed her hands on her hand in frustration.

Pamela’s very public support for her beau follows the defender reportedly furiously swearing after he was questioned about Pamela at a press conference.

Get French Football News asked the French footballer about Pamela reportedly saying he travelled from Paris to Marseille every day to make their romance work.

The website then reported Adil said: ‘I am here to talk about Caen. I am not here to talk about that.

‘If you want to sell gossip magazines that is your problem. I don’t give a f***, don’t speak to me about that!

‘I don’t have to justify myself. I love Marseille and football, that is it… I don’t give a f**k… This does not interest me.’

There had been speculation the couple had gone their separate ways amid claims Pamela felt their relationship was interfering with his daddy duties.

Adil has two-year-old twins Zayn and Madi with his ex-girlfriend Sidonie Biémont.

A source told Page Six: ‘It broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out… She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids.

‘This is about his happiness and the sake of his sons. They need him more than her. She knows he’ll thank her one day.’

MailOnline has approached Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami’s representatives for comment.

In recent months, the hottest gossip was engagement could be on the cards for Pamela and Adil.

The actress made the move to France to live with him after she had previously explained she thought their romance wouldn’t stand the test of time.

She told The Sun: ‘Let’s be in love for as long as we are in love and if there is ever one day, you look at me and go “ugh”, well, I can always go and live in another country.’

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source: Daily Mail