Pamela Anderson Says Harvey Weinstein Bullied Her Into Starring In Dimension Films’ ‘Superhero Movie’

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has called Harvey Weinstein a “rude bully” who scared her into starring in Dimension Films’ 2008 Superhero Movie. However, the former model added that she still wants men to be able to be “passionate and aggressive and make the first move”.

Anderson revealed her wide-ranging thoughts on the disgraced movie mogul and the sexual harassment scandal that has engulfed Hollywood in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, the ITV documentary that airs on Saturday in the UK.

Anderson said that Weinstein had wanted her to play an invisible girl with an invisible dog in the Craig Mazin-directed film, but the animal activist initially refused. “I said ‘I’m not doing it’ and then he just really said to me, ‘you’ll never work in this town again, I offered Pamela Anderson a role in a movie, are you crazy’ and lots of very harsh words. He scared me so much that I did the film because I thought, ‘Harvey Weinstein, oh my god, this is like the most powerful person in Hollywood’. He was just a bully, very rude, threatening. I did it out of duress.”

She told Morgan that she was pleased when she saw Weinstein’s downfall. “I only know my own experience and that was bad enough. I think there was already common knowledge in the industry too that this was someone to be careful of, you just have to be careful.”

However, in the talkshow interview, she warned that people needed to be careful of false accusations. This comes after Anderson said last year that Weinstein’s victims should have “known what they were getting into”. She said, “Obviously I am supportive of women and feel for women that have been made sexual advances on that they don’t want, but I also feel for the men too. I have two young boys and I always was very worried about a woman falsely accusing them of something and ruining their lives so I thought people ask me if I’m a feminist and I don’t want women or men telling me how to be a woman. I prefer men to be passionate and aggressive and make the first move and you don’t want men to feel like they can’t, but obviously there are people that go too far.”

Anderson also opened up about being molested as a child. “I had a babysitter and she molested me for, I think, a year and I was between the ages of four and eight, somewhere round there. But I remember wishing her dead and she ended up dying the next day at her graduation in a car accident and I thought, ‘ok now I’ve killed her, I’m magic, I can’t tell my parents about this and I’ve killed her’. I started believing I had this special power to kill people and so I was scared to tell them that this happened and I was also scared to tell them that I killed her.”

The interview also touched on Anderson’s career as a Playboy model and her relationships with Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin and Tommy Lee. Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson airs on ITV on Saturday March 3 at 9.50pm.